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Joe’s Canadian Rant

Canadian Nationalism illustrated through Postcards

Postage Stamps Issued for use in the German Plebiscite

Following World War I and in other areas under special status as defined by the Treaty of Versailles

All Things Irish are celebrated on Vintage Saint Patrick’s day Postcards

The Irish sent postcards with romantic nostalgic designs for Saint Patrick’s Day to foster pride in Irish culture

CANADA: the Development of Official International Airmail Routes 1928-42

All first scheduled international flights with covers flown to ALL scheduled destinations offered to World War II

1934 CARTIER – Quadricentenary Stamp

Traditional exhibit showing pre-production, production material (including: a newly DISCOVERED variety) and exceptional commercial usages

1855 10 pence:  Canada’s First Trans-Atlantic Rate Stamp

Canada’s 10 pence stamp, all plate proofs, specimens, varieties, and new discoveries, plus proper usages