Un-Cadre / One Frame

Joe’s Canadian Rant

Canadian Nationalism illustrated through Postcards

Postage Stamps Issued for use in the German Plebiscite

Following World War I and in other areas under special status as defined by the Treaty of Versailles

Vintage Saint Patrick’s day Postcards Celebrate

Irish Myths, Legends and Tall Stories

CANADA: the Development of Official International Airmail Routes 1928-42

All first scheduled international flights with covers flown to all scheduled destinations offered to World War II

1934 CARTIER – Quadricentenary Stamp

Traditional exhibit showing pre-production, production material (including: a newly DISCOVERED variety) and exceptional commercial usages

1855 10 pence:  Canada’s First Trans-Atlantic Rate Stamp

Canada’s 10 pence stamp, all plate proofs, specimens, varieties, and new discoveries, plus proper usages